The smiley crazy lady down the cul-de-sac!

Walking home after leaving my son at school this morning, I suddenly had this urge to write this down:

What I have learnt from living in the UK Р you can by-pass someone you know and not say hello, not even a sign that you recognise them, and thats okay because no one will think ill of you. In other parts of the world, i.e. Zambia in Africa, you can say hello to anybody, even strangers and yet no one will think ill of you.

However, when I first moved to the UK and¬†after spending a¬†whole day working indoors at home, I longed for someone to say hello to me on my school run, but all¬†I got was disappointment & distress. Thankfully my husband, who is in the know, consoled me and encouraged me to persevere¬†with the Zambian spirit of ‘hello, how are you’ but directed toward¬†those I knew and seemed receptive – we wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’m the crazy lady down the cul-de-sac.

Livingstone, Zambia

Okay, this is my home town. I have not lived there since the 90’s but whenever I’m asked where I come from I say “Livingstone, Zambia”. I know they say ‘home is where the heart is’ but to be honest I do not know what that means. Today I read that there’s been some political unrest, rioting and one person died. This is the thing about Zambia, on the scale of unrest compared to London’s summer riots its probably 1 to a 100,¬† but because of being a developing nation the coverage is limited to either bad or unusual news. Fortunately for me, I received an email, this afternoon, from my sister in Livingstone and she barely mentioned a word on the situation so I can conclude for tonight that things are not as bad.¬† Nevertheless I go to bed asking God for protection, peace and calmness during tomorrow’s by-elections. Imagecopyrighted – G. Harris


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I read an interesting news article and planned to write a lot about the issue but my day has not gone according to plan, firstly I missed my first lecture because my son woke up just after midnight with an apparent painful knee screaming his head off :(!! I have no idea what caused it but some cuddle wobbles and kids painkiller made him better enough to fall back to sleep an hour later. However, as his one and only mummy I could not let him walk to school from my friend’s house where I would normally leave him before I drive off to my Uni.¬† Firstly its further from school that our house and secondly he had disco clothes to carry, book bag, drinking bottle and swimming stuff. Honestly, what sort of a mother would I be asking another woman with two kids of her own to help my not-so-well-son to carry all that stuff to school. However, moving away from that thought, I do question why us women feel the need to punish themselves and the children by doing things the hard way, why not when things are not going your way, just bundle up all the kids and stuff in the car and drive to school even if its only 0.1 mile from home??? By the way I tend to do the same even when its cold and raining heavily…sometimes I feel for the kids but the pain is not severe enough to make me want to drive that short distance just to satisfy the miserable weather..sorry!!!.

I guess this brings me to the topic of ethics and suststainability…what has brought this on? Is it because we are beginning to realise that it doesn’t matter what nice things we have in terms of cars, clothes, homes, furniture etc, when push comes to shove, we would rather just have a nice sunny day, well I agree with that. Sunny days give me a feeling that ‘today is gonna be a good good day’ period ;)!!

Secondly and lastly, was out shopping this evening, not for myself – hubby made Apple shareholders even richer, he got himself a new apple computer and lots of other apple stuff.¬† During his shopping spree what I really liked was a Smart3DTV in Currys, amazing things aren’t they, but this was not meant to be my day so truth be told, all I said was ‘whatever you say dear’. Anyhow this has not stopped me from celebrating, hubby is very happy with his gadgets which means he is not grumpy at all, anything to make him happy goes…yayyy!!!! When it is my turn to find those clothes for our cruise on the Mediterrenean to celebrate his parent’s 50th anniversary, no one will be grumbling while I spend the day trying on stuff that does’nt fit asking questions like “does my bum look big in this?”, the boys have had their day!!! So grateful for my family, love them to bits. xxxImage


After two days of being cocooned in my home, updating the database that belongs to the company I freelance for as a virtual pa two days a week, today was spent elsewhere but home. I drove to Uni 17 miles away, had a catch up on some course work stuff, attended lectures and seminars then sat down in the library with my group to look at the possibility of using Prezi instead of Power Point for a marketing presentation assessment due in 4 weeks. We have probably left it too late as neither of us has ever used Prezi, but then we all love a challenge, so collectively we said….’yes we can’.

I knew being a full time student as well as a mother to two energetic boys and wife to a ‘grumpy old man’ would take up most of my time, but what I did not foresee was the effect of mental exhaustion after a whole day of academic activities. This is not a joke but I honestly feel like I drove back home in a zombie-like state, scary but thankfully I made it back to my family in one piece. Anyhow to carry on, got home, quickly popped the curry in the microwave for hubby and I and some pizza for the boys. Thumps up for ready made meals, they are definitely heaven sent, it would have been beans-on-toast otherwise. Still wondering though, like any other evening when I get home after 7pm, why didn’t hubby not do the dinner himself? But of course the answer is always the same, he’s been trying to do some work on his computer and has had too much distraction from a very argumentative and attention demanding 5.11 months old son. I just stare at him in disbelief at this stage and after nearly 15 years of marriage, its not worth fighting over!!!! It’s 11.30pm now and I really need to be asleep so I can rise up early, join the morning work traffic in order to get to my 9am lecture on Friday morning, so its goodnight to myself!

If you have stumbled upon this blog and think my writing is awful or rubbish, please forgive me – I’m not a writer at all and just taking advantage of this medium to jot down my thoughts. x




The beginning!

Today 6th Feb, 2013 I have decided to start my own blog and put my thoughts into words. Being a mum, wife, full time undergrad student, working part-time from home, leaves me very little time to socialise. As my kids are in school now,  I spend a lot of time on my own and during that time I think and think a lot, and some stuff I think about is worth putting into writing in order to remind me, at a later stage in life, what I went through during this period of my life. Of course my hopes and dreams have always been different from what my life represents at the moment but my motto has always been; take whatever life throws at you and keep every moment interesting and enjoyable.

I’m moved by kindness portrayed by some people and intrigued by nature and things that represent originality.¬† I believe this is a basic human trait but then I don’t understand the lack of compassion I observe in some people – their hatred for those that are different people from them is somewhat surreal – this saddens me very deeply and I can honestly say it drains me of emotional energy!

And so, this blog will represent my day to day observations and experiences of my life!

‚ÄúI have noticed that folks are generally about as happy as they make up their minds to be.‚ÄĚ

– Abraham Lincoln